Statistics horizons from French statistical community

Yesterday I attended a conference on the Horizons of Statistics at the Henri Poincaré Institute in Paris, organized by the French Statistical Association. As it was broadcasted on youtube, this reminded me of the Future Of Statistics unconference organized by the simply statistics blog earlier in 2013 fall. By the way I really enjoyed Daniela Witten talk from this unconference: check it out !

The Horizons of Statistics turned out very interesting, and I really enjoyed Emmanuel Candès talk on randomized computing algorithms, as well as Emmanuel Todd talk which was very refreshing at the end of the day. Unfortunately those talks are only in French. But if you are an English speaker, you can watch Robert N. Rodriguez, who is very hopeful for young statistcians, such as myself, and for our profession in general !

All in all, it seems that the Horizons of Statistics are many, and all of them are looking bright !